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Can’t Spell Partner without Parent!

Ever notice you can’t spell ‘partner’ without ‘parent’?

At Academy of Tucson, we use the word ‘parent’ as an umbrella term for all the grown-ups and support people raising our students. For grandparents. For caretakers.  For those who keep a student healthy and safe. For those who influence. And cheerlead. For those who invest in our next generation of leaders.

Family at the AOTES Fall Carnival. The carnivals are fundraisers for the school, organized by the elementary school PAC.

Parents = Partners

At AOT we believe parents make schools.  We work together — in partnership — to make sure every child grows, to ensure our communication is strong and to value the efforts of both our teachers and caretakers. Our small school benefits greatly from our close-knit community and our familial commitment to our students.

As we focus on our charter school students and our philosophy  -- to provide, prepare and graduate — we are ever mindful of how much parents do to make our schools successful.

Proud PAC parents at the middle school with the working volcano they made for the Book Fair.

One of the biggest ways our parents embrace Academy of Tucson is with our Parent Advisory Committees (PACs) at each campus. Even in our current distant learning landscape and despite the challenges of 2020 and our global pandemic, our PACs are still organizing community events virtually.

We love to celebrate at the Academy of Tucson. Our PACs spread the word about events, spirit weeks, teacher appreciation, virtual book fairs and more AOT activities. Our PACs make every event better!

2020 has truly challenged parents to step in as partners in their children’s learning. We are so proud of how our AOT families handled the adversity that came our way and are persevering through the challenges we continue to face. We truly could not do it without your behind-the-scenes efforts. Thank you parents --  for being our partners in this --  and in so many of the things that make Academy of Tucson the special school it is.

Keep sharing the good reviews and experiences with AOT! We are committed to continuing to welcome new students and families in this 20-21 academic school year. If you have friends or family who are not happy with their children’s online or in-person school experience -- bring them our way.  It’s still a good time to switch schools and Academy of Tucson K-12 is ready to welcome all students to a new school family --  with us!

About Academy of Tucson
Since 1986, Academy of Tucson public charter schools partner rigorous, traditional curriculum in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring an individualized education for every student. Academy of Tucson’s public charter school district comprises three schools – an elementary, middle and high school and regularly receives an “A” average rating from the state of Arizona. Academy of Tucson is very proud of its 100% graduation rate. Come find your new school family at Academy of Tucson!