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Week of May 11 2021

Finals Schedule: Attendance (either in-person or distance learning) is mandatory for all students during Finals Week.

Summer School: Summer School letters will be mailed out this week!

START VIDEO: The theater department's spring play, START VIDEO, had a fantastic limited viewing last week and now everyone has a chance to see this original AOT production! START VIDEO is a double feature of Zoom plays written by the students about a band of unlikely teenagers coming together during quarantine. Both shows will be available to rent starting this Thursday for only $5. Click here for tickets; contact Mr. Saxon ([email protected]) with any questions.  

Graduation Info: Seniors may pick up graduation tickets in the front office.  All Seniors have received a Graduation/Senior Info document that they should become familiar with. If they did not receive it (via email), they should contact Mrs. Allardice. 

Bottled Water: As the summer heat approaches, please consider making bottled water donations to the school to help us meet the upcoming student need. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dress Code: As students return to in-person learning in the 4th quarter, many will need to reacclimate to the school dress code. For easy reference, below are the basic limitations for students returning to the classroom. Please note that some of the typical restrictions have been lifted for just this school year (2020-2021), students may treat every school day as a dress down day.  If you have any questions about the dress code, please contact Wendi Allardice ([email protected])

  • Pants/Slacks: NO Sagging, pajama or oversized pants. Any color or pattern is allowed. Jeans are OK.
  • Skirts: NO front, back, or side slits more than 1 inch above knee. NO tube skirts or form-fitting skirts.  Any color or pattern is allowed.   
  • Shorts: NO cut-offs or simulated cut-offs. Any color or pattern is allowed.
  • Shirts/Sweaters: NO homemade shirts. NO crop tops. NO Tanks or Spaghetti straps. NO inappropriate language, graphics, stickers, patches, logos. Button down shirts are OK. 
  • Shoes: NO flipflops or slippers
  • Hats: NO hats, hoods, or sunglasses may be worn inside the building.  
  • Hair: Dyed hair is OK (This school year only) 

For your convenience, the regular and Early Release Day school schedules are available below:

Earning credits! It's the home stretch! 
Remember, semester grades of 60% or higher earn .5 credits per credit course. 
  • Click here for more information about Arizona graduation requirements.  
  • Track your goals/productivity in game form! Check out Habitica
  • Set alarms for your classes and use reminder tools to keep you on track! 
Seniors! Please update Ms. Figueroa with your financial aid award letters. List all scholarship amounts offered, even if not accepted.
JTED: Interested in JTED career training opportunities?
 Click here to learn about JTED's 2021-2022 Program Showcase!
Enrollment in JTED courses for the 2021-2022 school year opened in January! Programs are first come, first served-- and they fill up quickly! Check out the JTED Preenrollment Newsletter , check out the JTED Program Guide and visit the JTED website for more details. Contact Ms. Figueroa if you enroll or are interested in a JTED course for next school year!

Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP): Past Due! 
Remember, students earn a grade for the "ECAP" in English class each quarter. Students are required (for graduation) to work on a portfolio to plan for college or a career after high school. Ms. Figueroa facilitates the portfolio and activities. Please contact her at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Transcript Request Forms: Students in need of an official or unofficial transcript (for college admissions, scholarship applications, job applications, etc.) must fill out a Transcript Request Form and submit it to Ms. Figueroa. Please allow two school days to fulfill the request. The revised Google Form version of the 
Transcript Request Form may be found on Ms. Figueroa's Google Classroom page.

FAFSA Goal: Our goal this year is to have 100 percent FAFSA participation for our students who are eligible for financial aid! Some still need to submit the FAFSA!! (Check out the FAFSA Resources button at the bottom of the newsletter!)


Virtual Visits: UA, ASU, NAU: The universities in our state invite students to "experience" their campuses via virtual tours. Check out what Arizona schools have to offer:
 Virtual Experience ASUUA Virtual Visits, NAU Virtual Visits
Financial Aid Advice: Thank you to all who participated in our Financial Aid Night last semester! If you weren't able to attend, check out the recorded webinar. The HEFAR group hosts regular webinars for families with the goal of helping you learn how to qualify for the maximum amount of grants through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Check out this week's 6 minute mini-webinar: 
Basic Income and Asset Planning: Strategies to Lower Your EFC; View the HEFAR website for more information.  

FAFSA: The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opened Oct. 1, at! Senior parents and students MUST fill out the application (using 2019 tax returns) in order to receive any federal grants or loans for college. Before logging on, go to to get your FSA ID. Every parent AND student must have an ID. Here is a helpful link from the Department of Education: 
**FAFSA funds are first come, first served! Make a plan to submit FAFSA ASAP!**

School Info.

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