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Who We Are: AOTMS Flies High with Wright Flight!

For years, our Academy of Tucson Middle School students have participated in the Wright Flight Program pioneered here in Tucson. Founded by Robin Stoddard, a former Air Force Fighter pilot, Wright Flight partners with teachers and schools to give children the opportunity to fly an airplane.
The team at Wright Flight act as role models, setting examples for the students. They impart core values like commitment and hard work, focusing on goals, and how to realize the joy of aviation-related experiences.
Our Academy of Tucson Middle School Teacher/Advisor for Wright Flight is Jean Rhoades. Jean started the Wright Flight program at AOTMS and Jean works hard to keep our middle school students on track – ensuring as many kids as possible get their Fly Day. Jean is one of our longtime teachers, currently teaching sixth grade Social Studies and Language Arts.
This incredible Wright Flight aviation experience is earned. In order to secure a piloting session, our AOTMS kids must meet established goals and pass specialized tests. Enter Ms. Rhoades! Along the way our middle schoolers will learn first-hand about the motivational power of personal and educational development. And they will see STEM in action as part of careers and adult life. Lastly, we hope every Wright Flight kid works hard for their chance at Fly Day and feels inspired by this achievement, and in the field of aviation and aerospace.
Speaking of inspiring, one year the Wright Flight class hosted Congresswoman Martha McSally. She spoke of the many challenges she overcame as she reached her goal of becoming a female pilot for the United States Air Force. Congresswoman McSally encouraged the students to persevere in times of challenge and keep working toward their goals.
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