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Who We Are: The Academy of Tucson Community

Academy of Tucson is proud of our ‘A’ average rating for our district and for our close-knit community of dedicated teachers and staff. We are launching a series of profiles about team members from all three of our Academy of Tucson public charter schools – Elementary, Middle and High School. Read on to learn about one of the educators making our small schools creative and caring.

Wendi Allardice, Academy of Tucson High School Principal

About Me: I am a native of Tucson and went to college in Flagstaff at NAU. I started out as a high school History and Geography teacher then moved to special education. I joined Academy of Tucson as the 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teacher. I later became the special education teacher for the Academy of Tucson system and traveled to all three schools. What an awesome experience! In 2016, I became Principal at the High School.

As a Parent, what attracted me to AOT: I enrolled my own children in the Academy of Tucson system because of the smaller, more caring environment. This was before I was employed here at Academy of Tucson. 

As Principal, what attracted me to AOT: What attracted me to Academy of Tucson High School as a Principal was the ability to continue to have contact with students in a positive way. As a small school, the principal is involved in nearly everything and can foster relationships with students to encourage success.

What I find most rewarding: What I find most rewarding as a Principal is being able to interact and participate in the lives of students. I love the small environment we have; it allows me to know the names of each student and appreciate the unique about them. I prioritize celebrating student success and find my role as AOT High School Principal very rewarding. 

Fun and free time: In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, baking and spending time with my family, especially my grandbabies.

Loving school as a child:  I loved learning about new things and places. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old but thought I would teach French!

Clubs and Activities:  In High School I was involved in everything that I could possibly join. I ran track in middle school and high school and even tried out for the Junior Olympic team!

Helping inspire students to love their school:  I aspire to help students see the ownership they have in their education and our school. When students believe that our AOT High School is their own, they take pride in the school and what they do here. At Academy of Tucson High School, students can be themselves and participate in any number of clubs, sports or activities. And the pressure is not so intense – no one has to be the best at everything.

We want to help you learn and achieve your best: This is a small school with people who care about your success. The teachers know your name, help you learn and achieve your best. We have a positive culture where students can be themselves and are surrounded by staff who care.

Since 1986, Academy of Tucson public charter schools partner rigorous, traditional curriculum in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring an individualized education for every student. Academy of Tucson’s public charter school district comprises three schools – an elementary, middle and high school and regularly receives an “A” average rating from the state of Arizona. Academy of Tucson is very proud of its 100% graduation rate. Come find your new school family at Academy of Tucson!