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Top 10 Reasons the Academy of Tucson Public Charter School District Is “A” Rated

Academy of Tucson’s district, comprising three schools, is proud to annually earn an ‘A’ average rating from the state of Arizona! Our Academy of Tucson Public charter school district comprises an Elementary School, a Middle School, and a High School located on three charming campuses. Here are ten reasons why our Academy of Tucson district gets top marks year after year:

1. Top-rated Academics

Our rigorous, traditional curriculum and smaller class sizes ensure every student gets personalized attention. Our middle schoolers can earn high school credit and our high schoolers can enjoy dual enrollment with local colleges and choose from over 100 online courses. Plus, Academy of Tucson regularly beats state averages on tests and has a 100% graduation rate.

2. 100% Certified Teachers

Our certified teachers create encouraging, caring educations in a safe and supportive learning environment. Many of our teachers enroll their own children and grandchildren in AOT schools because of our close-knit, positive culture.

3. Small Class Sizes

By keeping class sizes small, Academy of Tucson meets each student where they are. Every student blossoms with individualized attention, fostering independence, and a lifelong love of learning.

4. Safe and Secure

Every student is known by name – not only to faculty – but also to staff, administrators and other students. As a free, public charter school we thrive with the support of our parent and family volunteers. We have a smaller community and can engage all of our AOT family in every aspect of day-to-day student life. 

5. Strong Community

Every Academy of Tucson student and staffer is respectful of and responsible to one another. ‘Provide. Prepare. Graduate.' isn’t just a banner to us, it’s our mission. And why we actively prepare our students for a multi-cultural, global economy. 

6. Active Student Life

Students do it all here! We have ample, varied extracurriculars - Sports, Arts and Music, Theatre, Community Service and Leadership. Our students enjoy dances, plays and talent shows, student councils and honor societies, book fairs and science fests, carnivals and concerts. Field trips to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon and SeaWorld happen annually at Academy of Tucson schools. Our students can learn about life outside the classroom with amazing exposure like: Wright Flight, Travel Club, Junior Civitan, and Amazon Future Engineers courses.

7. Technology Enhancements

Our youngest Academy of Tucson students learn to type and use their Chrome Books. Our students have 2:1 access to Chrome Books throughout their Academy of Tucson experience and our district has 3D printers!

8. All Students Are Welcome

We meet students where they are. We are staffed for 504s, IEPs and other student services. Academy of Tucson has math and reading interventionists and a full-time college and career advisor. Academy of Tucson Middle School students can earn high school credit, High School kids take AP and Honor courses. We offer 100+ online options, dual enrollment opportunities and partner with a local polytechnic school as well.

9. Environmentally Aware

Today’s world matters for tomorrow’s leaders. To that end, Academy of Tucson has won awards for environmental stewardship. An example is our commitment to using longer lasting, mercury-free LED lights instead of fluorescent in all three schools.

10. Tuition-Free, Traditional, Rigorous Education

Academy of Tucson awakens passionate learners with our focus on growth mindsets, and fosters an exciting, active student life. We teach all core subject areas plus Music, Art, Foreign Languages and multiple Electives. We graduate responsible, educated future leaders who are lifelong learners, ready to contribute to society.
Since 1986, Academy of Tucson public charter schools partner rigorous, traditional curriculum in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring an individualized education for every student. Academy of Tucson’s public charter school district comprises three schools – an elementary, middle and high school and regularly receives an “A” average rating from the state of Arizona. Academy of Tucson is very proud of its 100% graduation rate. Come find your new school family at Academy of Tucson!