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Academy of Tucson: Homeschooling in the Time of Coronavirus

Academy of Tucson has rolled out distance learning for each of our three schools. Utilizing, Google Classroom, and a lot of patience, we want to give a shout out to our students and their families as they newly adapt to learning from home. And with Tucson schools remaining closed until at least April 10, the realities of homeschooling may be top of mind for our Academy of Tucson families.

Homeschooling How-to for the Younger Learners

We spoke to one mother who homeschooled her daughter from Preschool through Grade 8. Here is what she feels is her best advice:
  • The Kids are all Right! It’s important to remember that they will all be ok.
  • Resistance is not Futile: Try not to force your child(ren), especially young kids, to do their work for any set duration straight every day. Phase in at their pace and note when they’re resisting, irritable or overloaded.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On: Pushback will likely happen. Kids may show big feelings with tears, tantrums, frustration and more. It’s a different task load and yet another adjustment in an already stressful time. Try to stay calm and adapt with the day.

Homeschooling in High School

Ms. Figueroa created an Advisory Newsletter full of good ideas for our AOTHS community. She offers tips for getting and staying organized, maintaining wellbeing and mindfulness, and a pro tip for productivity tracking apps! Ms. Figueroa also provides valuable Tucson- community resources for any of our families experiencing job loss, financial strain or food insecurity.

Academy of Tucson Cares About You

Like Ms. Figueroa, we all care about our Academy of Tucson community. Mental health and emotional well-being are as important to us as academic performance – and in this current environment – even more so! We know there are so many new variables in each household and our parents are juggling a lot. Take good care of each other and stay home as much as possible.
When school resumes, our dedicated Academy of Tucson teachers will return to the classrooms with the dedication, positivity and caring we love to share. We will meet all of our students where they are in their learning, just as we did before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted our lives. As always, remember you are welcome to reach out to your teachers and principals with any homeschooling questions or challenges you may have. We are here for you!
We are also here for you with our Academy of Tucson free Home Learning ideas and Family Resources with the most up-to-date information about public health, local government mandates and where to find free meals and food supplies close to home.
And lastly, thank you to everyone who drove by and gave us a wave during our ‘Smile By’ on Wednesday, March 25th. We absolutely loved seeing all of you! If you have any friends or neighbors thinking about making a move to a new school or enrolling in Kindergarten next fall, we are enrolling!