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Who We Are: The Academy of Tucson Community

Academy of Tucson is proud of our ‘A’ average rating for our district and for our close-knit community of dedicated teachers and staff. We are launching a series of profiles about team members from all three of our Academy of Tucson public charter schools – Elementary, Middle and High School. Read on to learn about one of the educators making our small schools creative and caring.

Joshua Hancock, Principal, Academy of Tucson Elementary School

Not only was Mr. Hancock formerly a teacher, but his dad and granddad were teachers, too! Mr. Hancock started teaching and coaching in 1994 in his home state of Wisconsin. Since then he has taught in Texas and Arizona and been an administrator in both Wisconsin and Arizona.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Mr. Hancock always loved school. He enjoyed making friends and loved to learn. As he got older, he found High School to be ripe with activities; he joined the tennis team and the concert choir. And his childhood in Racine, Wisconsin is never far behind when it comes to his love of sports today. Mr. Hancock is an avid fan of The University of Wisconsin Badgers, the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee Brewers.

As a principal, Mr. Hancock relishes the small size of Academy of Tucson Elementary School. He knows every student, faculty and staff member, and parent by name. Mr. Hancock is able to chat with the students at lunch time and hear about their lives outside of school. When he is not at school, Mr. Hancock values vacation time with his wife and son.

Care for each other and the highly evident partnership between teachers and parents are top reasons why Mr. Hancock is so happy at AOTES. "We love AOTES because we build and maintain relationships.  Our students care about each other and our campus.  We have a kind campus with kind children.  Teachers and students enjoy being on campus and genuinely like working together.” Mr. Hancock also notes, “At AOTES our students receive an outstanding education. Social and emotional growth is also a top priority."

Since 1986, Academy of Tucson public charter schools partner rigorous, traditional curriculum in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring an individualized education for every student. Academy of Tucson’s public charter school district comprises three schools – an elementary, middle and high school and regularly receives an “A” average rating from the state of Arizona. Academy of Tucson is very proud of its 100% graduation rate. Come find your new school family with us!