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Choosing a New High School: Why Now?

Switching schools or districts can be daunting at any age. For high schoolers, it can be extra challenging. But there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to make the jump. Here are 3 reasons why switching to a new high school works:

A-rated Academics

Odds are if you’re thinking of pulling your student from their current school or district, academics are a key part of that decision. You may want a school that offers college prep courses, AP and Honor classes, wide-ranging electives, or established and varied extracurriculars. Perhaps you seek access to leadership opportunities, award-winning choirs and ensembles, or career-based and polytechnic learning options. Or you want a small High School with a 14:1 student to teacher ratio and a solid 100% graduation rate.
Academy of Tucson High School is a tuition-free public charter school that earns an ‘A’ rating from the state of AZ year after year, for all the reasons outlined above and more. Our dedicated, caring faculty ensures every student is ready for their future with individualized attention in our deliberately small classes. Chrome Books, 100+ online electives, and a 3D printer ensure our kids thrive through enriched learning. And our 100% graduation rate is a testament to our ability to meet our students where they are.
Members of our National Honor Society at our Annual AOTHS Blood Drive

Active Student Life

A vital part of High School is what happens in and out of the classroom. To be a well-rounded individual, High School students need more than just classroom time as their ‘student life’. Athletics, leadership, arts, music, engineering and science…these activities and more enhance High School and help fulfill every student’s experience and potential.
Guitar Ensemble Prep
Because we are a small public Charter School, our Academy of Tucson High School students have access to multiple avenues of activity many larger schools can’t deliver. But don’t let Academy of Tucson High School’s small size fool you into thinking student life isn’t vital and varied. Our kids enjoy Homecoming and Halloween Dances, guitar ensembles and French classes, Spirit Weeks and an Amazon Future Engineers class.
 Lynx the mascot
We travel to Science Fairs, learn folk dances, perform in improv workshops and talent nights, compete on AIA and regional teams, have Honor Societies and Student Councils and participate in Junior Civitan and community service. And by community service we mean locally in our beloved Tucson and internationally via our ‘Academy Adventurers’ Travel Club.
Students in Honduras 2017
Students in Ecuador 2019

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are top of mind for all High School students and families today. Our small 14:1 student to teacher ratio doesn’t’ just deliver flexible and creative learning environments. It supports our Academy of Tucson mission to Prepare, Provide and Graduate every student. We also respect every student, faculty and staff member as vital to our High School community.
Track practice at AOTHS
We recognize what’s special about our students, looking after one another in our safe and supportive High School, daily. Our caring and encouraging Academy of Tucson High School educators grow our Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors into responsible, educated, lifelong learners who contribute to society and are ready for our multi-cultural, global economy. 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory School Play 
Want a closer look at Academy of Tucson High School? Check out our virtual tour below!
Since 1986, Academy of Tucson public charter schools partner rigorous, traditional curriculum in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring an individualized education for every student. Academy of Tucson’s public charter school district comprises three schools – an elementary, middle and high school and regularly receives an “A” average rating from the state of Arizona. Academy of Tucson is very proud of its 100% graduation rate. Come find your new school family with us!