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Academy of Tucson: Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus

It is a stressful time.  The daily, evolving list of things we can no longer do impacts us all. Our Academy of Tucson families, staff, and community are always top of mind.

Continued Education 

Our superintendent, Jose Garcia, sent a letter communicating timing for when at-home online learning will be shared with families.  Our dedicated principals and teachers are working together to bring this next step to fruition for March 23.

Public Health Updates and Local Tucson Developments

We created a Family Resources post addressing:

  • latest public health developments with COVID 19
  • local Tucson school and business closures
  • ideas for keeping our Academy of Tucson students learning and engaged at home

We are also sharing free resources and learning activities on social media. Follow along with us on Instagram (look for the "Home Learning" highlight) and on Facebook

Free Food, Meals and More

Food pantries, free meals and other vital items for home can be found in our Tucson community. 

Emotional Health

We next want to recognize the huge importance of emotional health.  Parents are being asked to manage it all - social distancing, staying home if they can, no longer taking kids outside in the same ways, working from home, and overseeing homeschooling. It’s a lot.

Here are ideas for where to click if things take a turn in any parenting, coworking or homeschooling household:

Psychology Today offers a bulleted list of how to handle a myriad of parenting challenges. 

Parenting cue cards and advice from the pros at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence can be found in the Great Schools learning guide. is invaluable for parents of kids with learning differences or disabilities. They’ve created a special resource during this health crisis to address issues that impact learning, special education, and even ways to manage learning challenges in the workplace. 

The experts at Childmind Institute amassed parenting articles on managing anxiety, recognizing problem behaviors, and exercising mindfulness.  

USA Today offers 13 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus

From the scads of Ted Talks comes a pro-tip list entitled, “Talks to Watch When your Family is Driving you Nuts”. 

Field Trips from Home

And then there are the options for self-soothing and virtual exploration. Nature. Music. Arts and Culture. Stressed parents and kids can chill out via a field trip all their own, while still respecting the CDC recommendations to stay home. 

Nature:  Google Arts and Culture to the rescue! Fjords, volcanoes, caverns and canyons. Headphones recommended. 

Our National Parks are always easy on the eyes, even via a computer screen. 

Animals: Checkout the live web cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the San Diego Zoo.  

Museums: 12 Museums Offering Virtual Tours 

Music and Movement

Music: Everyday more and more artists and musicians are performing from home or livestreaming concerts. Some even take requests or questions via Facebook.  Family dance party, anyone? 

Experts in Your Ears

Apps and podcasts are very helpful for parenting tips, managing stress and advice for successfully working remotely, too.  

Take care of one another at home! Academy of Tucson is committed to working with you to stay safe and healthy in this challenging time.