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Math Club Meeting
October 28- November 1
Spirit Week:
Monday- Teacher Appreciation Day (October 28)
On this day students will be able to appreciate any teacher. This can be by writing a Thank Youcard, giving a hug, or simply saying "Thank You". Students may also dress up as a teacher inorder to show their appreciation.

Tuesday- Sports Day (October 29)
For Sports Day students can wear a sports jersey t-shirt for their favorite sports team. If theydo not have a favorite sports team, wearing our school colors to support the school is fine too! Students may only wear a sports jersey. They can not wear any other pant-like item otherthan blue jeans or dress code pants/shorts.
Wednesday- Squad Day (October 30)
On October 30, students will chose to be in a group to all dress up as one theme. For example,if a group wanted to do a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, each student would dress up asa character from that specic movie. The theme must be school appropriate.

Thursday- Decades Day (October 31)
On this day, students will take a trip into the past and dress up in the fashion style from the50's,60's,70's or 80's. Students in the 5th grade will be dressing up as the 50's, the 6th grade willbe dressing up as the 60's, the 7th grade as the 70's and the 8th grade as the 80's.
Friday- Crazy Hair Day (November 1)
On Crazy hair day, students should be prepared to get crazy! They will be able to make theirhair as crazy as they want. If you want to color your hair, it must be temporary and wash outover the weekend. The spray kind is usually the best.
Wednesday November 6th:
Early Release Day
5/6 dismissed at 12:05
7/8 dismissed at 12:15 

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